Heritage around Sligo

Sligo is a county rich in heritage, explore the ancient sites throughout the region.

Carrowmore Megalithic Tombs

Carrowmore is one of four passage tomb cemeteries in Ireland and one of the most important  megalithic cemeteries in Europe with over 30 megalithic tombs still standing and the ruins of many others still evident. The tombs date back to between  4300 and 3500 years BC. The majority of the tombs are a mixture of Dolmen and small passage tombs. (above is a picture of tomb 51, also known as Listoghil, the tomb stands on the highest point of the Carrowmore complex, the only tomb definitely covered by a cairn and also the largest in the cemetery, the cairn is 34 metres in diameter)

Carrowmore, Sligo. +353 71 916 1534.
carrowmoretomb@opw.ie or click here to visit the website

Opening Hours
Open 30th March to 3rd October, daily 10.00am - 6.00pm
Last admission at 5.00pm

Self Guiding Tours Available

Admission Fees
Adult: €3.00, Senior or Group: €2.00, Child or Student: €1.00, Family: €8.00

Knocknarea mountain dominates the landscape to the south of Sligo, standing between Strandhill and Ballysadare. Its most striking feature is the ‘cairn’ or mound at the top of the mountain. The Cairn is reputed to be the final resting place of Meave, the warrior queen of Connacht dressed in full battle regalia facing northward toward her enemies.
The summit (below) can be reached through a short climb but visitors are asked not to walk on the cairn or remove any stones from the summit. Please click HERE for more information on Sligo Walks.


The remote and uninhabited island of Inishmurray Island stands four miles off the coast of Sligo and is the site of a 6th century, early Christian site founded by Saint Molaise. It is famed for its remarkably intact buildings and for the abundance of its flora and fauna. The remains of the monastic settlement include ecclesiastical buildings, oratory, two churches and a beehive cell . The last inhabitants left the island(below) in 1948.
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Sligo Heritage website www.sligoheritage.com has lots more information of the history, heritage, mythology or folklore of County Sligo.